General background:

The Republic of Rwanda, called the country of 1000 hills, is located in the middle of the African continent, and is bordered by Uganda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania.
The population is composed of three ethnic groups:
The Hutu, who constitute the majority of the population, are farmers, and are one of the Bantu peoples.
The Tutsi are shepherds who first came to the area in the 15th century. They were the ruling class until 1959, under a feudal system based upon cattle.
The Twa, who are considered  to be the remains of the first settlers of the region, are  forest-dwelling pygmy people .

Continent: Africa
Capital city: Kigali, which is also the largest city
Official language: French, Kinyarwanda, English
Population: 12,661,733
Local currency: Rwandan franc (RWF)
National motto: Freedom, Cooperation, Progress  
Government:  Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic.  

Cooperation with AICAT:

Cooperation with AICAT began in 2015 with the arrival of the first student to participate in the MsC degree program in Plant Science.
There is no Israeli embassy in Rwanda. Contact can be made through the Israeli embassy in Ethiopia.