Administrative Staff

Hanni Arnon
Executive Director
Position: Executive Director
Hanni Arnon has been AICAT’s executive director since its establishment in 1994..

Short Biography:
Born and raised in Jerusalem, Hanni always saw herself as an educator. 
In 1981, Hanni moved with her husband, Moti, an agronomist, to Moshav Idan. they moved to Moshav Idan, the newest agricultural community in Central Arava. Having established a successful farm, Hanni evolved as one of Idan’s leaders, focusing mainly on promoting education, culture and welfare. In 1994, Hanni established AICAT, making use of her agricultural and educational experience. 
As an educator, Hanni believes that education provides people with the tools to change one's life as well as serve as a bridge between different people from different backgrounds, religions and nationalities.

Relevant Education
B.A in Education
Dr. Haya Kisos
Pedagogical Director
Residence:     Mercaz Sapir
Married + 3

Doctor of Biochemistry, Pedagogical Director of AICAT as of August 2014
Ilana Ninio
Office Manager
Position: Office Manager
Working with manpower offices in the Moshav's, in charge of AICAT stuff: lecturers, supervisors, group leaders and general workers. Responsible for preparing the Monthly curriculum, transportation, tours, salaries and special events such as the Open day and graduation ceramony.

Short Biography:
Married + 2, lives in Moshav Hatzeva, runs a family agriculture farm.

BA in Criminology, Ariel University.

Judith Avraham
Website and Social Media Manager
Position: Website and Social Media Manager 

Responsible for the development and maintenance of AICAT's internet presence, both on the website and social media platforms. 

Lihi Cohen
Accounting Coordinator
Ido Argaz
U.S.F Coordinator
Position: USF (Univerity-Student- Farmer) Coordinator 

In Charge of coordinating between the universities, the students, the farmers and AICAT. Ongoing work that starts with interviewing the students in their country of origin and escorting each student during his or her stay in Israel. That includes dealing with special situation or problems, work condition, personal issues and discipline matters. Continuously updating the universities and keeping in touch with the local farmers.

Yakki Sela
House Keeper
Position: House Keeper

Yakki is in charge of maintaining the school building, meeting the students and lecturers needs and wants and working with AICAT Office Manager throughout the year, helping with the daily work and toward special occasions such as Open day, Closing ceremony, delegations visits and more.