Short Term Courses for Organised Groups


AICAT – Arava International Center for Agriculture Training is pleased to offer to organised groups the opportunity to participate in professional short term courses in agriculture, rural development, innovation, and management which are tailor-made for each group's needs.

Israel stands at the international forefront of advanced agriculture. It’s a world leader in agricultural technologies, agricultural research and development, and desertification – all these despite an average rainfall of less than 1 inch per year.

The Central Arava region, which is located in the south of Israel, is a designated agricultural area. With over 600 farms that grow vegetables and fruits, the majority of which is for export. All use progressive methods based on the most advanced technology and knowledge in the world. Each farm is a competitive production unit, continuously striving to increase output, improve product quality and reach new markets and profits.

Programs can include lectures, professional tours of farms and entrepreneurships in the Arava and in other locations relevant to the group course.

Topics of Courses for Organised Groups
Advanced Agriculture Methods
Farm Management
Integrated Pest Management
Research, Development, and New Product Innovation
Post-Harvest and Marketing System
Food Safety and Security
Water Management and Effective Water use
From Farmer to Entrepreneur

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Please note short term course are only for groups and we are unable, at this moment in time, able to organize short term courses for individuals