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We would like to introduce you to inspiring AICAT alumni from Thailand – Mr Jirapat Talabkeaw  – our new “AICAT Alumni of the Month”

He came to AICAT as a student on our diploma program in August 2015 until the summer of 2016? Then he returned home to Thailand and completed his studies.
And then he opened his own farm -  The Jirapat Melon Farm,  where he grows colorful Waterlilies and delicious melon's and when you look at his greenhouse and see how he grows – it is obvious the impact that AICAT and the Arava farmers had on him!

AICAT wanted to know, after four years, how Jirapat believes that being an AICAT student help him:

Now, I better understand? how to grow plants in the greenhouse and how important it is not just to grow but to manage the farm. Learning about and using an irrigation system, using strings to support plants in the greenhouse and the importance of marketing are things I learnt both in the classroom and by working on the farms in the Arava. I believe that these are things that I would never have learnt anywhere else. All the education we gained in the classrooms, the daily use of it in the fields, the trips – actually the whole AICAT experience – I believe I use it daily in my work and life!”

Jirapat says that he has always wanted a career in agriculture has been since he was young and this is what inspired him to apply and study at AICAT. He dreamt of having his own farm before going to Israel and believes that by being at AICAT, he has managed to make his dream become a successful reality!
He also sees how other farmers and people come to his farm and want to learn from him. Now everyone is interested in how he grows and want to learn from his   Farm management skills. He is happy to share his knowledge about growing in greenhouse and irrigation systems to farmers in his community. He believes that his successful style of farm management is a result of taking what he learnt and saw here in AICAT and adapting it to suit the environment of his home town.
Because he grows his Japanese melons in a greenhouse, he has 500 plants producing melons each month. Therefore he can sell his fruit the whole year and he even offers to ship the melons by post all over Thailand!
Also, within the last year, Jirapat has started to grow water lilies. These beautiful flowers that he can grow year-round too are both sold locally and throughout Thailand, and he even has customers overseas who can order them online via his Facebook page – Jirapat Melon
Jirapat defiantly has a unique farm and selling unique products! AICAT is so proud that he has taken his time at AICAT and turned it into an inspiring and successful way of life!

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