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Swimming pool rules

And the swimming pools are open!
All students are requested to follow both the health guidelines as well as the rules of the swimming pools.
Please find below copies of the rules - translated into



Days and Times of Clinics

Money Transfer Office

Opening times of the Money Transfer Office, Sapir.

The Office is open from Sunday to Thursday from 08:30 until 15:30
Please note: All transfers are closed at 10:00 am. If there are received after this time, they will be sent the following day.


Useful Information

Here are a few links that can be useful
EGGED-  Here you can search for bus routes and times. 

REAL-TIME BUS ARRIVALS   - Here you can check when the next bus will be arriving at bus stops on the Arava road. Search by the  bus stop number - to see when the next bus should arrive.
Bus stop Direction South  Direction  North
Ha-Arava Junction 10305 10375
Idan Junction 10530 10532
Ein Hatseva  10244 10826
Hatseva Junction 10242 10243
Ein Yahav Junction 10299 10238
Sapir Junction 10386 10301
Tsofar Junction 10652 10651
Paran Junction 10239 10240
Yahel Junction 10388 10389
Lotan Junction 11024 10935
Kibbutz Lotan Junction 11024 10935
Kibbutz Ktura  Junction 10381 10336
Yotvata Junction 10379 10233
Elifaz/Timna Park 10534 10535
Eilot Junction 10377 10330