Group Leaders

Gideon from Kenya
Hello! My name is Gideon Kibet Kirui – and I am the first born in a family of 8 children! I was born in Nakuru county, in the foot of the Great Rift Valley in a small village called Boror (which means come together). Personally, I believe in the fact that the birth order plays a major role in shaping someone’s character and behavior and for me, my birth order shaped me to be responsible, disciplined and hardworking.
In my lower grade my parents took me a school called Baraka Boys Primary (Baraka is a Swahili word that means Blessings) and surely this school turned out to be a blessing to me. I will never forget its motto which was ‘Never Give Up’ which tuned my mind to strive to excel in everything I decide to do. I then joined high school, Molo Academy. High school trained me the virtue of remaining excellent in Spirit and Mind.
The University of Nairobi exposed the leadership potential that was hidden in me for the past 15 years of my early life. I served as the Faculty Representative in my second year and as the Campus representative in my 3rd and 4th year. I then joined AICAT family in August 2019, this was one of the greatest blessings in my life.
Coming to Israel was a historic journey because it was the first country I was stepping to outside my continent and two, I was the first person in my family to travel outside of Africa. I enjoyed the mode of learning that AICAT adopted which is ‘Learning by Doing’. As I grew up, I always aspired to be great, but I now think that there is a big disconnect between aspiring to be great and having the actual roadmap on how to be great, this is what AICAT gave me. Through further self-discovery and learning from the community around me in the MOSHAV I was able to slowly but surely chant my path to greatness through the inspiration of what I saw and did.
I consider October 2021 to be one of the greatest breakthroughs and a miracle season for me. When I got a confirmation that I would be joining the AICAT family once again not as a student now but as a group leader together with my colleague Kevin. I will forever remain thankful to AICAT for believing in me and giving me a chance to not only lead but also mentor and inspire our students and now on a bigger scope of not just Kenyans but the Gambia and Cape Verde students also. What a great privilege. My hobbies include watching documentaries and movies, reading inspiration and historical books and cooking, my talent is running long races of 5-10km.
So far leadership has taught me the essence of effective communication, being a good listener, effective time management andteamworkk. Going forward I hope that this new role will shape me to be a change agent that my continent Africa needs. God bless AICAT, God bless Israel.
Asante(Thank you)
Truc from Vietnam
My name is Nguyen Pham Thanh Truc, Group Leader for Vietnamese students  2021-2022.
I was born in Can Tho city which is located in the South of Vietnam into a poor family, and this is my motivation and reason to become a stronger person! 

After graduating from Can Tho University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advanced Biotechnology, I did not choose to work a boring 9 to 5 job like other friends did.
Instead, I want to challenge myself, so I applied to the Internship in AICAT and became a student and a member of 2021 AICAT family.
I believe that if people have good preparation, they can do much more, and it's true. Thanks to my crazy efforts, I was chosen and accepted to become a leader for 2021 - 2022.

To my definition, Leader is not an easy job -  I have to deal with my students and the problems they have and help them solve them, learn how to translate lessons, learn how to take care of my students as an older sister. Although it's stressful sometimes, I find out that I am happy with my job.

Some people asked me what kind of personality I have, let's use 3 words to shortly describe me: Crazy – Responsibility - Enthusiastic!
Kelvin from Kenya
My name is Kelvin Ombati Ombongi, currently the Kenyan group for the academic year 2021-2022.
My role as team leader is to manage and supervise groups, prepare group activities, communicate activities schedules, delegate tasks and ensure that group members cooperate and that goals are achieved. When required I also act as an objective mediator.
I’m passionate about learning more and doing more for the world around me. The goal is to create more entrepreneurial and employment opportunities, advocate for a green environment, and rally small-scale farmers towards achieving food security through climate-smartt agriculture. 
Ha From Vietnam
My name is Tran Thi Thu Ha.
I am from Ha Noi which is the capital of Vietnam.

I am a recent graduate from the plant protection program at the Vietnam National University of Agriculture. I chose that program because I got to study different kinds of plants, their diseases and pests. 
I also chose this subject because I want to contribute to keeping the “green lung” of the Earth and for all our futures.

I see myself as a relentless problem–solver, and I am always studying and looking for new challenges. I am gaining valuable experiences at the Arava International Center for Agriculture Training in the role of Group Leader for the Vietnam students. With all my might and grit I will do my best not only for the students but also for AICAT and the Arava community to ensure we leave Israel a better place than we found it.

I love being a part of AICAT -  working towards a great goal, and there is no more satisfaction in life than achieving these goals as a team and being a part of that team.
Bond from Thailand
Bond from Thailand
My name is Sittiporn Sornngay.
Group leader of Thailand students in AICAT for 2021-2022.
I was born and raised in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand
I hold a Bachelor of Sound Engineering from the Faculty of Music, Bangkok Thonburi University. Coming from an academic background in music, my leadership experience at AICAT has been a continuous learning experience. 
After completing a bachelor's degree, I was given the opportunity from Dean of the Faculty of Music, Bangkok Thonburi University. to serve as secretary and private tutor at the Faculty of Music Bangkok Thonburi University, which I used to hold that position for 3 years

I have a dream to experience and learn new things in various fields. One of my dreams is to travel to experience and learn new things abroad, which when I was chosen my University to be a group leader at Aicat,  I was given that opportunity.

I am a person who loves a challenge. like to try new things love music and art And what I am most fascinated with is to travel to different places to find new experiences in life.
I had no prior knowledge in agriculture, but Aicat taught me to understand. and saw the importance of agriculture and the world's food production industry in the present era

Thank you
Thida from Cambodia
My name is SAM SOKUNTHIDA, Group leader of Cambodia students in AICAT for 2021-2022.

I was born in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. I am a postgraduate of the Royal University of Agriculture, majoring in Agro-Industry.
As an undergraduate, I had a dream of advancing my Agro-Industrial skills and experience in overseas countries. 
In 2017, I applied for a scholarship in Agro-study in Israel. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to be enrolled. So in 2019, I tried another opportunity still in Israel, AICAT ( Arava International Center for Agriculture Training ) program. Finally, I got a chance to join the  AICAT program, for me was a dream come true.

Living with passion for learning new skills and ideas in AICAT program which was a program offered within a time frame of one year. I got the second chance to come back again still under AICAT but now as a First Lady representative ( Leader ) of the Cambodian group. 

As a leader you have to be a center of decision making, problem solving and critical thinking. Leadership give you a sense of responsibility and self-actualization. 
Sincerely I can conclude that what look impossible indeed possible if you put more effort and not giving up.