Group Leaders

Alice from Kenya
I'm Alice Kakwasi Mwikya, an AICAT alumni and the current group leader of the Kenya 2022-2023 AICAT cohort.  I was born and raised in Kenya's capital Nairobi, and studied and lived in different cities and countries. I am still on a mission, to explore what is out there, and what other people are doing differently compared to what my people and I do in terms of life and survival. 

Having been a student at AICAT before, I'm still amazed at the many positive impacts this program has brought to me and I believe if I'm able to pass it down to the current cohort, we are not only training the best farmers and experts in agriculture but also raising and molding future global leaders. I love saying that my experience so far with AICAT is like a farmer taking care of a seedling until it unleashes its full potential. 

Therefore, I believe I am a good example, a well-detailed reference material and proof that nothing is impossible as long as you put your heart and mind into it.
Gasper from Tanzania
My name is Gasper Gwamaka Mpokigwa, Currently the group leader of the Tanzania Students at AICAT for the academic year 2022/2023, I was born in Dar es salaam the main economic city of Tanzania. I hold a Bachelor of Science in crop Science and technology.

 I as the leader of this Pioneer group of Tanzanians in AICAT program is quite a new experience that I need to learn and understand in deep different things daily so that to serve my student at a passionate level. Thus, I need to be the first and the last one to show the way and ensure nobody is left behind in this way of transformation respectively.

Since the world needs to feed from our hands, through this AICAT program I come to realize that anything is possible in agriculture but it requires a high level of commitment and critical thinking in different challenges facing the agriculture sector to ensure food security.
Bond from Thailand
Bond from Thailand
My name is Sittiporn Sornngay.
Group leader of Thailand students in AICAT for 2021-2022.
I was born and raised in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand
I hold a Bachelor of Sound Engineering from the Faculty of Music, Bangkok Thonburi University. Coming from an academic background in music, my leadership experience at AICAT has been a continuous learning experience. 
After completing a bachelor's degree, I was given the opportunity from Dean of the Faculty of Music, Bangkok Thonburi University. to serve as secretary and private tutor at the Faculty of Music Bangkok Thonburi University, which I used to hold that position for 3 years

I have a dream to experience and learn new things in various fields. One of my dreams is to travel to experience and learn new things abroad, which when I was chosen my University to be a group leader at Aicat,  I was given that opportunity.

I am a person who loves a challenge. like to try new things love music and art And what I am most fascinated with is to travel to different places to find new experiences in life.
I had no prior knowledge in agriculture, but Aicat taught me to understand. and saw the importance of agriculture and the world's food production industry in the present era

Thank you
Sheikh from The Gambia
Sheikh Adama Jallow from The Gambia, West Africa. A graduate from the University of The Gambia BSc Agriculture ( Animal Science).
A devoted, talented,ambitious and self motivated person who possesses self discipline and the ability to work with minimum supervision. 
A quick learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate effective.

The experience i amassed from AICAT is tremendous. Learning innovations and techniques related to agriculture is only a fraction of what the school teaches. The ability to mingle with different nationalities and learning their culture, customs and traditions is what makes aicat great; Agriculture without borders.
I believe I am really privileged to have  the opportunity of leading students from The Gambia and Vanuatu.
It is an honor for me here to serve them, I enjoy the journey of learning from my peers.
Hosmenio from East Timor
I'm Hosmenio Fernandes, I was born in Poros it's a small town which is in the East of Timor Leste. I am an AICAT alumni and current group leader for Timorese students at AICAT in the academic year 2022-2023. I completed my bachelor’s degree in agronomy major at the National University of Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL) and worked as a field technical staff at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery (MAF) .I also volunteered as a lecturer at one of the higher Education in Timor-Leste.

I have been learning skills and knowledge from all my previous schools, workplaces, and family - everywhere I was! It has motivated me to become a person who is eager to work and study hard and never ceases to search for new agricultural information.  I am committed to my work, embrace honesty, and transparency, respect people from diverse groups, and I always willing to face new challenges and learn new things.

According to my point of view, participating in training at every level - formal and non-formal has become an essential aspect of my path to becoming a millennial farmer - as well as improving my leadership. Thus, I ensure that, along with the AICAT,  this year is the perfect chance for me to expand my experiences in the areas of leadership skills and enhance my awareness of how to understand deeply how to apply the spirit of hard work to others. I want also to show others to overcome challenges and turn those challenges into opportunities for themselves, their families, and their societies as well.