Group Leaders

Xinh - Vietnam
My name is Xinh which means beauty. I come from Vietnam.
I graduated from the Vietnam National University of Agriculture with BA in plant protection. Following that, I worked at the Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute, and then joined an Internship program in Israel - at Ramat Negev. That was great, and I learnt a lot there.  It taught me how to work hard, how to solve problems, about society, and how to develop my job skills. 
After that, I gained more experience when I was  in Australia for over a year, as a monitor for a banana farm

Now I am very lucky for being a part of the AICAT family.

So why did I come to Israel again?
 I want to challenge myself, and I believe that working as a leader will have to give me the chance to face difficulties but overcome them. I am sure I will gain a lot of experience in leading groups and become stronger because of it.
And what can I do for students?
I want to encourage students always to try, never give up their dreams. Everyone has their own reasons to come to Israel, so I want to help them try to make it come true. Three years ago when I still was a student at Ramat Negev, I talked with my friends that I would go to Australia to see Opera house and one day I would come back to Israel as a leader. And they laughed at me because “easier said than done”, but now I have done it. Dreams will come true if you do not give up.
So I hope with the support from AICAT, all students will have memorable days in Israel, learn a lot and be successful in the future!
Francisco - East Timor
Hello !
Name is Francisco dos Santos Maia and I currently I lead the 5th group of East Timor students at AICAT
I first came to AICAT as a student in 2017-2018, Then I returned in August 2018 until June 2019 as a Group Leader. I was then very lucky to asked to return as the group leader for this year. 

Based on Experiences that I have seen in AICAT, I believe that AICAT is a great place to study. It gathers together youths from all over the world to learn together and from each other. They come here and gain knowlege about not only farming and the business behind be a good farmer. They get the chance to mentor, to meet new people and learn about Israel.
I believe that being a part of AICAT gives students to change their lives.

I will always be grateful for the opportunity I have been given by AICAT. I have learnt how to be a leader, how to organise people and develope my leadership skill.  
Sotheara Yong - Cambodia
Hi folks, my name is Sotheara Yong (but I also go by the name of Mc Tr for Mc Tr vlogs on YouTube) I am 26 and originally from a small town in Cambodia. 
Before becoming one of the reliable and trusted groups leaders in AICAT, let me press a quick rewind button of my unforgettable memory and tell you something about my last year as one of the Diploma students here at AICAT. 
In 2018 to 2019, I participated in the Diploma Program in Advanced Agriculture with other hundreds of students from Cambodia. In the year with AICAT, I found that my knowledge developed in not just agriculture, but also languages, cross cultures studies, and teamwork. On the other hand, by studying and living in Israel, I also improved my core strengths -  behave both mentally and physically.  I believed that I was excelling in my studies during the year of diploma, so much that  I seriously considered the opportunity of joining AICAT for another year.  By the end of the year, with my confidence high,  I decided to interview for a place in the excellence program or as an AICAT Group leader.  My self-belief proved right, and I earned myself a fantastic position as one of the group leaders in AICAT. 
Developing your vision, managing priorities, delegating tasks, motivating change, generating urgency, communicating clearly, listening actively, managing risk, acting decisively, empowering others, and lead from within, these are the ten keys of leadership I believe in having for the position as a leader.  This is my mantra - to make dreams come true - for both my students and my own.
Rex - Thailand
My name is Naruemon Boonkhong . You can call me Rex. I come from Thailand. 
I graduated diploma program from Mahasarakham College of Agriculture and Technology (Plant Science) 
 I was an AICAT student before two years  (2017), and this year I got the opportunity from AICAT to returned to be the group leader for Thai students.

About me.... I am happy -go- lucky person. I always happy with every situation because I believe that happiness can cause great friendship and attract good things to come to my life. I believe it can even it can solve the hard things too. Be smile Be smart Be happy ??

As a student... AICAT taught me many things about modern agriculture, irrigation system and how to manage in the farm. We got experiences from teacher, farmers and our friends from another country..
Moreover its a great chance to improve our English skills too. All the knowledge that we acquired from being a part of AICAT, we can take back to our country and becoming a smart entrepreneur, or we can adapt and manage our life in school, work and family. I am happy and glad for being part of the AICAT family.

As a leader.... My expectations for this year is I want to see my students complete their program and enjoy their time here with happiness.  I tell them to Be patient Be humble Be good ??
Dennis - Kenya

Meet this year group leader from Kenya, Mr. Dennis Tomoina. 


Dennis comes from a village in the south of Kenya in Kajiado County.

He graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Management of Agroecosystems and Environment after which he joined AICAT diploma program and graduated in the year 2018.

Though out his tertiary education and career, Dennis has been a relentless advocate for sustainable farming and has been in the frontline in helping smallholder Kenya farmers to develop sustainable resilience through agriculture technology and rural innovation. Dennis has immense prowess from his leadership experiences in different spheres and training.

Dennis believes that the 11 months training in Israel did not only augment his technical, scientific and artistic flair in agriculture but also built his problem-solving skills, strong leadership, management and interpersonal skills, exceptional networking, international experience and shaped his perspective on an array of issues. 


Mr. Tomoina learnt great agronomic and high-tech farm machinery use skills from Israel.


Dennis says that group leader position gives him a chance to give back to the community (AICAT) by offering leadership and mentorship to the students. Moreover, he believes that this chance will expose him to a dynamic experience that will enable him to enhance his leadership skills and expand his networks. He also looks forward to travel in Israel without limits. 

Dennis has faith in a “student-led” approach in management of student aff

Saman Singh Gurung - Nepal
Hello everyone, it's me Saman Singh Gurung , from Nepal.
I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Humanities in Economics and sociology from Tribhuvan University.
Before I first came to Israel, I found it hard to find something to motivated me, and this was a worry.  I wanted to do something better with my life, but I didn't know what. 
Then I came to Israel in 2017 as a part of the diploma program and went back to Nepal in 2018. In that duration, I learned many new ideas and gained knowledge that really motivated me and encouraged me.
I was fortunate to get a chance to return to AICAT again in 2019 as a group leader.
Being a leader, I know that  I have a lot of responsibilities and challenges, but I am ready to face them.  It is a chance for me to lead a group and learn more about management and leadership. I am really hoping that I can do it,  with the coordination of AICAT and will dedicate myself into making this an exceptional and successful year.
Hanni Arnon - the executive Director of AICAT - is an inspiration for me, 
because she established AICAT with the aim to share agriculture and educational experiences - without borders!   Aicat is playing vital role "to educate people with the use of agricultural tools and making them able to feed their nation as well as feed the world. "
Costa - Indonesia
Pius De Jesus Da Costa  -  or Costa as he likes to be known as - is the Group Leader for this year's students from Indonesia.

Costa comes from Kupang,  a  small city in the east of Indonesia.  There he studied agricultural technology and engineering at  Artha Wacana Christian Univerity. 
He came first to  AICAT as a student in the diploma program 2017 and then returned to as his country Group Leader in 2018.

He believes that studying at AICAT gives students the opportunity to be challenged:  in their studies,  in changing their way they thought about modern agriculture and also learning how to cope with living in a new country.   Overcoming these challenges give them the key to success, in both life and studies, because they know they can conquer anything if they put their minds to it.

Moreover,  Costa believes that AICAT makes students think out of the box.  Studying with AICAT shows and teaches them about modern practical agriculture and its an entirely different to how they know and do in Indonesia. 

Costa says “I try to give the best to my students,  I  help and guide them during their time here at AICAT. I hope that my being here bring confidence to my students and that they know that I am here to help them in any situation and of course be a bridge  between them and AICAT.”