Group Leaders

Ethiopia - Mr. Faysal Abdi
Faysal , from Dire Dawa city, has studied Agriculture and Horticulture in Samara University, Ethiopia.
He came to AICAT as a student at 2014, lived and worked in Moshav Idan, and  became a group leader at 2015.

In Faysal's eyes:
  • The main benefit that students get from their AICAT experience is the ability to think outside of the box, and open their eyes to new ideas and options.
  •  As a group leader, he devotes a lot of time to extend his student knowledge and understanding, and encourages them to make the best of their time in Israel. 
Laos - Mr. Kounsy Sythavong
 Kounsy , from the capital city Vientiana, has studied Environmental science in the National University of Laos.
He came to AICAT as a student at 2013, lived and worked in Moshav Hatzeva, and  became a group leader at 2015.
In Kounsy's eyes:
  • The main benefit that students get from their AICAT experience is the change they go through as people:  dealing with challenges, finding alternative solutions and adopting new ways of problem solving and decision making.
  • As a group leader, he believes that his goal is to help the students and the farmers understand each other. He tries to explain the students about the different way of life, how the system works and how people build their lives in Israel. He encourages them to compere between what they see here and what happens in their country, and find the issues they should and can implement back home. 
Thailand- Ms. Supang Lamphutha
Supang , from  Amnatcharoen,  has studied Horticulture in Rajamangala  University of Technology Tawan-OK.
She came to AICAT as a student at 2009, lived and worked in Moshav Hatzeva, and  became a group leader at 2015.
In Supang's eyes:
  • The main benefit that students get from their AICAT experience is the chance to become independent people, without the close support of the family, in a different country, foreign language and new people. The student gain confidence and understanding of how to run their lives and keep a budget, how to deal with various situation and  how to work, live and study with different people, from different backgrounds and cultures. Those people many times become good friends for life.
  • As a group leader, she looks after the student, helps them with their personal and academic issues.  Supang encourages them to learn as much as possible, and not to be afraid of mistakes or problems, since they  can learn and better themselves through them.
Indonesia - Ms. Angela Rettob

Angela, from Ambon, Maluku isa group leader for both Indonesia and East Timor. She has studied Agriculture Cultivation, especially Soil Science in Pattimura University, Ambon
Angela came to AICAT as a student at 2015, lived and worked in Moshav Zofar and became a group leader in 2016.
In her eyes:

The main benefit that students get from their AICAT experience is the understanding of how to make agriculture alive and sustainable. They study about agriculture in a desert environment, and they understand that they can do agriculture anywhere they want. Students learn how to transfer a challenge viewed as a problem to an opportunity for success. Every opportunity is an experience that trains students to learn more, to work hard, about discipline, responsibility and focus. Students gain great knowledge and values for life.
As a group leader, she embraced all students, make them her friends friends. She dedicate time and help them as much as she can. She also assists them to communicate with the farmers, lecturers and AICAT staff. She encourages and motivate them to survive in all conditions and situations.  Always remind them to never stop dreaming. Keep the spirit, because nothing is impossible as long as they are willing to fight to achieve it. Dream, Believe and Make it happend! This is her motto. 

Vietnam - Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung
Trung comes from the Daklak province which is in the high land – central Vietnam. The province is famous for coffee, which is one of the most important product for export.  During the last five years I attended Saigon University for bachelor degree of Languages (English and Chinese)

In his eyes - Being a leader, telling them what to do and try to get over safe zone and personal limit is not enough.He also visits them at their farms, in order to deeply understand the jobs and by doing that he can sympathize and suggest them how to communicate and solve problem with farmers immediately rather than keep it inside and explode.
Nepal - Mr. Ravi Raj Puri
Ravi is from Chhatredeurali,Dhading, married, father of one. Ravi studied agriculture and education faculties at Tribhuwan University. He arrived to the Arava on 2014, lived in Moshav Zofar and worked at a pepper farm.

In his eyes;
The main benifit that student get from AICAT experience is the ability to think; What to do? How to do? Next,they learn a lot from the methods and technologies applied in Arava on different farming structures.
As a group leader, he found himself acting as a strong bridge between AICAT staff and students, and as a motivator and facilitatorof students.
Vietnam - Ms. Nguyen Thi Yen
Ms. Nguyen Thi Yen comes from Bac Can City, Viet Nam
She has studied Forestry in Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry and came to AICAT as a studen in 2013, worked and lived in Moshap Idan. From February 2015-February 2016 Yen took part in an exchange programe about Horticulture in Rockwell Farms, North Carolina, USA. Yen became a group leader in August 2016.

In her eyes: the main benefit the students get from their AICAT experience is their internship experoience. It is a great opportunity for students: an independent living, study by doing is the best way to get experiences, the cultural exchange,  changing the way of thinking, getting multiple new ideas....

As a leader she always tries her best to be supportive, advising students to always look for new ideas in  new environments, encourage them to learn all the good and new things as much as they can when they are in Israel.
Vietnam - Ms. Huyen Thanh
Huyen, from Hanoi, has studied Biotechnology in Vietnam National University of Agriculture.
She became an AICAT group leader in 2016.

In Her eyes, the main benefit that students get from their AICAT experience is the opportunity to broaden their horizon, by the opportunity given of living and training in a new land. Facing with changes and challenges, they learn not give up and find the way to adapt and make it better. A lots of dreams start growing and become their new targets to achieve after they finish that memorable year.

As a group leader, she always tries to support her students in their personal and academic issues. She care about their feeling, their problems and wants to create the best memories for them during the short period in Israel.

AICAT brings her the chance to reinforce her knowledge, to train herself in managing a big group of people and to work with all her friendly colleagues. When she return to her home she believes that what she has learned will become her special property that she can apply her  future career
Cambodia - Mr. Sarem Yuos
Sarem Yuos, from the Kingdom of Cambodia, graduated from the Mean Chey University in Cambodia. After his graduation  he received an agricultural research positions in Singapore & Australia, funded by Christian NGos (Non-government Organization). He also held a lecturer position at a private university in the Phnom Penh Capital City for two years. 
He graduated from the AICAT diploma program in 2015 and became a group leader in 2016.
In his eyes, research is one of the most important aspects of AICAT experience, and he guides his students according to five principles: 1) Certainty – to know what agriculture is and the importance of research. 2) Honesty – being able to maximize their abilities and know their weaknesses, and learn to appreciate the struggle. 3) Priority – what to prioritize first based on importance should be completed first. 4) Quality – based on specialty, added value, good achievements in research and being enthusiastic of others. 5) Continuity – learn to collaborate with other students, researchers, workers, farmers, partners lecturers and local communities.
But the most important issue of all in Sarem's eyes for success is to base all agricultural activities in Cambodia on research and on the economic use of water.
Myanmar - Ms. Soe Myint Myint
Soe, from Taunggyi Southern Shan State, studied Computer Science in Taunggyi Computer University, Myanmar between 2004 – 2008. She chose to upgrade her qualification by studying “Improving food Quality and Safety through Good Agriculture and Postharvest Practices in Fresh Produce” at Mekong Institute, in Khon Kaen Thailand between 2011-2013.

She became an AICAT student in 2013 and lived in Moshav Hatzeva. It was a great period characterized by many changes and new developments in her life. After graduation she became a Marketing and Compliance Officer in 2014. And she participated in an Agriculture exchange Program in the United States in Horticulture at Bartlett farm.
Soe is a group leader since 2016.

In Soe’s  eyes;
The main benefit that students get from their experience with AICAT is the development of creative thinking in regard to challenges. They also learn how they can establish their own agribusiness or become entrepreneurs.
As a group leader, she always inspires students to become good leaders for the future. She continuously remind students to open their eyes and learn as much as they can.