AICAT's impact has been dramatically increased during the last decade, thanks to the cooperation of the Israeli Government and our special partnership with the Jewish National Fund - USA.

Together with JNF - USA led by true visionaries like National President Dr Sol Lizerbram and CEO Russell Robinson we have been able to build state of the art Claire & Mark Perlman Campus, as well as upgrade the Aida & Mike Feldman Student Center for the enjoyment of all our students.
These facilities allow AICAT to provide a modern, inviting, unique and innovating environment for the thousands of student who study inside its walls annually. Their time in the AICAT campus inspires them to push the limits and break all barriers and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our partnership with JNF will allow us to keep increasing AICAT's impact and serve many more young people, who are their countries' future of global food security.
Russell F. Robinson  - CEO of the  Jewish National Fund
with AICAT students from East Timor
Hanni Arnon - AICAT’s executive director together with
 Mitch Rosenzweig, Arik Michaelson and Alon Badihi
A group of JNF visitors, sit in on a class  Students from East Timor outside the new
AICAT Claire & Marc Perlman Campus
Hanni Arnon, AICAT's executive director explaining
to a JNF group the aims and dreams of AICAT
Donor plaque wall in the entrance to the new campus