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AICAT – Arava International Center for Agriculture Training is pleased to invite students to participate in a professional and successful agricultural program based on “Learning by Doing “.
The program is intended for undergraduate students in agricultural institutes mostly in Asia and Africa. 
For 2023 - 2024,  we expect to add students from four further countries!
The program will be held over 11 months - through the whole agricultural season of the Arava.
Students will reside on farms in the Arava region where they will be able to witness hands-on the cutting-edge technologies used in agriculture by the Arava farmers.

AICAT impact on graduate's lives is in various aspects:

Social Impact

The students become community leaders and agricultural mentors and change their way of thinking from a traditional way to an innovative one, "out of the box" thinking.

Academic Impact

The students return to their home countries with theoretical and practical tools and skills crucial for improving their country's food security and many pursue higher academic education in Israel and abroad.

Economic Impact

Our graduates establish successful model farms and businesses, bringing both growth and employment to their communities. Our alumni can also be found fully integrated info into the public and private sector, utilizing the management and leadership skills, that they learned during their time at AICAT


Economic Model

During the internship program, students receive a salary for their practical training on the farm. This enables the student to cover expenses such as academic tuition, living expenses, food, and a return flight home.


During their 11 months in Israel, students save money, which they can use to initiate, implement or continue an agricultural project in their country.

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