Located in the Heart of Africa, Kenya, officially known as The Republic of Kenya, is a founding member of the East African Community (EAC) which is a regional intergovernmental organisation of six Partner States, comprising Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.
Kenya is one of the most varied lands on the planet both in terms of its geography and its ethnic population. The Republic of Kenya lies on the equator and is bordered by five countries: Uganda to the west, Sudan to the northwest, Ethiopia to the north, Somalia to the northeast and Tanzania to the south. Along its southeast edge, Kenya's tropical coastline connects the country to the to the Indian Ocean.

Continent: Africa
Capital city: Nairobi 
Official language:  English, Kiswahili
Population:   51,457,927 
Local Currency:  Kenyan shilling (KES)
National motto: "Let us all pull together"
Government: Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic 

Cooperation with AICAT

Cooperation with AICAT began in 2016, with Egerton University and Jkuat University.  A  group of about 50 students, under  KEWI supervision,  will be studying in AICAT toward their future participating at the GALANA Project in Kenya.


Israeli Embassy in Kenya
Kenya Embassy in Israel