General background:

The Republic of Uganda is located in ( the eastern part of) central Africa. Uganda bordered by five countries: Kenya to the east, South Sudan in the north, the Democratic Republic of (the) Congo in the west, Rwanda to the southwest and Tanzania in the south.
Despite the fact that Uganda doesn't have sea access, it does have access to a number of large water sources, such as Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, Lake Kyoga and Lake Edward.

Continent: Africa
Capital city: Kampala (which is also the biggest city)
Official language: Swahili
Population: 37,101,745
Local currency: Ugandan shillings (UGX)
National motto: For God and Country

Govermment: Dominant-party semi-presidential republic

Cooperation with AICAT:

Cooperation with AICAT began in 2015, with the arrival of three students from Kyambogo University to participate in the master's degree program in Plant Science, with an emphasis in Food Safety and Security.


 There is no Israeli embassy in Uganda. Contact can be made through the Israeli embassy in Kenya.
 The Ugandan Embassy in Israel